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I was suffering from back pain for years and have tried different type of alternative medicine such as acupuncture, electrical modality, bone setter and more. Yet, each time was only help for temporary relief and there has been no single treatment can aid to resolve my back problem completely.

By chance, I got to know AFTC. Their professional team not only heals my back pain, but also taught me to improve my physical strength through Pilates exercise, and in cooperate with correct posture to protect and prevent any re-injury in the future.

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I have known AFTC since 2007 and they have gone through me throughout my injuries, surgeries and rehabilitation process, as such, I feel deeper than ordinary players. Under the holistic care by AFTC physiotherapists, my recovery process was faster and I was able to return to the football field quicker than expected. In addition, I think the good performance of South China is in relation to the help of AFTC, hence the players are able to perform optimally at the games.
Li Hai Qiang
Hong Kong South China Football Team, Hong Kong Footballer of the Year Award

How happy to be able to cooperate with the AFTC in a harmony for so many years! Despite specific physiotherapy, AFTC physiotherapists give us appropriate therapeutic exercises in particular to strengthen the muscles which could minimize our sports injuries in future.
Peter Man
Hong Kong Eastern Football Team

Injuries for sports lovers is indeed the biggest blow, but the spirit of the pursuing athletic performance, athletes often neglect their injuries. I have been involved in sports more than 35 years and have lived through countless injuries. In conclusion, it is inevitably to listen to professional advice and receive appropriate treatment as early as possible so as to facilitate a speedy recovery.
I am fortunate in encountering all AFTC physiotherapists who are professional, patient, and careful in managing my injuries. I absolutely believe a professional assessment and treatment is important especially for those who love sports. AFTC is the most suitable choice for sports lovers in providing a one-stop services - professional assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and injury preventive advice, which is utterly comprehensive!

Hung Chung Yam
Former Hong Kong Chief Cycling Athletes, Amateur Runner

AFTC offers us a comfortable environment for physiotherapy, hence boosts up our recovery process and facilitates our best performance at the football pitch.
Kwok Kin Pong
Hong Kong Eastern Football Team

Since football players are of high prevalence to sports injury, physiotherapy is very important for us. All AFTC physiotherapists are very sincere in providing us professional advice and treatment, thus speed up our recovery.
Chan Siu Ki
Hong Kong South China Football Team, Hong Kong Footballer of the Year Award

The location of AFTC is easily accessible. Apart from having treatment at the therapy centers, on-field physiotherapy services offered by AFTC at the football field is very professional such that physiotherapists genuinely understand our injuries and enhance our rehabilitation progress.
Chan Wai Ho
Hong Kong South China Football Team

I had been suffering from back pain for 5 to 6 years, which might be due to age. The pain developed above the hips when I turned 45. It didn’t just affect my daytime work, but also woke me up in the middle of the night, which was annoying and, worse still, excruciating. I had sought help from masseurs, hoping to alleviate or even get rid of the pain, but to no avail. One day, my younger brother, who is a physiotherapist in Australia, introduced Terence of AFTC to me, and said he could help me. Being desperate for help of any kind, I went to see Terence. In the first consultation, he patiently listened to my problem and then explained my situation to me scientifically, but in layman’s terms. I found his explanation and suggested treatment convincing enough and so I started to receive treatment right away. As far as I could see, Terence prescribed the right cure for my back pain like acupuncture, assigned appropriate exercise for me to do in his clinic as well as at home, and introduced a proper back-curing gadget to me (which cost little but worked wonders). He also told me confidently that if I followed his instructions, it would take about 3 months for my back to be completely cured. Amazingly, it took just one month for me to feel the effect. My back pain improved a lot. Three months later (from September to December in 2014, around Christmas time), without the help of medication, my back pain was gone! Now, I am no longer beset with my back problem. I am very much indebted to the staff at AFTC and Terence for their professional help.
Richard ENG
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