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Mr. Simon Yik

Dip. Tui Na, HKU SPACE
Cert. Sports Massage, AASFP
Cert. Tui Na, CUSCS and ACA HK
BA. Economics, Carleton University
Dip. Marketing, Algonquin College

A graduate with Tui Na Diploma from HKU SPACE, qualified Therapist of Soft Tissue Injuries from MOHRSS of PRC,Simon started practicing Tui Na (Chinese meridian massage) since 2005. He also obtained a Certificate of Sports Massage from AASFP. Apart from practicing in different Clinics, he still keeps learning from well known doctors in HK, and occasionally practicing in the Chinese Medical Hospital in Shenzhen and Yunnan. Simon is experience in treating sports injuries and rehabilitations. He is also coaching Taekwondo and Muay Thai classes in schools and private clubs.