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Physiotherapist / Principal Pilates Instructor
B.Physiotherapy (Hons)
BASITM Pilates Faculty Member
Registered Physiotherapist (Hong Kong)

Michelle Lam is the Program Manager and senior lecturer at AASFP (Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals). Michelle is a Registered Physiotherapist in Hong Kong, having obtained her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) from the University of Melbourne.

Michelle’s passion in exercise therapy and sports rehabilitation drove her to become a part-time lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Adult Learning Center, specializing in exercise therapy related courses. Michelle is also a presenter in various worldwide conventions; including the AFEEX, Fitness China, Asia Fit for sports injury prevention & rehabilitation.

In 2006, Michelle was personally instructed by the founder and president of BASITM, Rael Isacowitz. Michelle is now a BASITM Faculty Member, enabling her to instruct BASITM Pilates Certification courses worldwide. In 2013 Michelle completed the BASI Mentor Program (part of the famous BASI Pilates Ultimate). In terms of skills execution and technique requirement, the Pilates Ultimate is considered the highest level of Pilates education currently available

Her clinical specialties include Sports Injury Rehabilitation and Exercise Therapy.