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Running Assessment

Poor running posture not only affects our running performance and efficiency, but also results in different types of pain.

AFTC launch a new service to provide one-on-one biomechanical running analysis. Our registered physiotherapist will conduct clinical assessments and biomechanical running analysis, together with high-speed recording and slow motion replay, to find out the causes of pain. Providing you the information about your running posture and personalized advices for running effectively and painlessly.


 Bring your usual running shoes (worn at least 3 months)
 Physical examination will be conducted by our physiotherapist, and then you will be arranged to run on the treadmill.
 We will use a video cam to record your running motion at different angle.
 At the end of assessment, the running video can be saved on your own USB for record.
 The whole assessment will take about 1 - 1.5hr.